About Us
Our Approach
Eleven11 is an independent family owned business with a goal to create stunning handmade home accessories and furnishings to compliment the modern home or garden.
We aim to offer something unique and individual that cannot be found on the high street or in every other online store. We personally found the market to be saturated with  everyone selling similar products and it all felt a bit stale.
Eleven11 was born because we have a passion for home interiors and felt if we can consistantly create something a bit different it would be a welcome sight to our customers!
We choose not to sell over the internet because of the bespoke nature of our work, instead choosing to exhibit at over 30 home and garden exhibitions across the UK and Europe. This gives you the customer the chance to come and see our work for yourself before choosing to buy. Why Come and visit us at an exhibition near you?
To see our exhibition schedule please click here
Meet the Team
These are the hard working and dedicated people behind Eleven11, without them all doing their own valuable job we would not be able to bring you our wonderful work.
Helen Richards
Artistic Director
Dorothy Cluer
Head of Sales
Victor Cluer
Logistic co-ordinator