Frequently Ask Questions
''I cant make it to a retail show, Can i visit you directly to view your products ?''
Yes ! you can certainly come and visit our warehouse by appointment only. Please contact us here
''Why dont you sell over the internet?''
Various reasons to be honest, here are a few below,
  • We don't feel the pictures online would do our products justice.
  • We prefer the customer to feel and touch the items before buying
  • To keep Staffing costs down which inturn means we can offer a cheaper product to our customers.
  • We found from experience that couriers use parcels like footballs and being so unique most products are irreplaceable
''I live in a remote location, is there anyway at all you can send a product via courier to me please?''
We dont want people to miss out so of course we will try our best to help in this instance. Please contact our team and we will be happy to work something out with you.
''I See in the media that some products from Asia are made using cheap labour, is this the case with you?''
We personally visit our suppliers at least twice a year in Asia to ensure safe and fair working conditions are always adhered to. We agree all prices before any fabrication takes place and always pay for 100% of our orders before they leave the country of origin. Labour is cheaper in Asia, but it is all relative to the country they live in and usually producers and staff of our products have higher than average earnings because we can offer them a reliable income which gives them and their family a stable and reliable income.
''Do you use lots of trees and damage forests to make your items?''
No! For almost all of our designs we will where possible use recycled products,  be it glass, wood or metal.
The wood we use in our work is predominantly teak or gamal root. This is simply a by-product of the old teak industry and is effectly left in the ground as a stump. our root supplier cultivates the land and removes these huge roots for the farmer so his land is again reusable for farming.
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